Simple, Neighbourly Advice

The production of High Water Common Ground and the High Water Film Library has lead to a realisation about what communities want when flooding happens; Advice.

Not orders. Not a doctrine. Simple, neighbourly advice.

The stories of floods that I’ve heard over the last few years have been nothing short of inspirational. Yes, I now have no doubt that floods are awful events, but the stories of community and support, neighbourliness and togetherness that arise from such events are truly powerful.

It’s that act of offering a helping hand. That heartfelt and humble sense of unity that  makes the biggest impact.

There is a lot of science behind flooding, and there’s a lot of policy, legislation, duty and authority over the various elements – and it’s all valid, valuable knowledge. But the people whose voices sound the loudest are those who have lived it. Who know their homes, their communities, their land and their water.

In the words of Mike Potter as he features in High Water Common Ground, “… It just goes to show that a community has got something to offer – they’ve got experience, they’ve got knowledge; they’ve got the local knowledge which nobody else has got.”

High Water Film is a platform for people to be heard. It’s a place where people can share what they have to share; their own humble experiences.

That is why the films in the High Water Film Library are just advice – because that’s all they need to be. The High Water Directory is then there to help you do something with that advice, once you’ve had the chance to hear it and think about it.

Andy Clark; Ecologist, Filmmaker, and Producer of High Water Films.

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